Whether you realize it or not, there are things you can do that will help you get through the emotional rollercoaster known as infertility treatments. While some of these tips may seem like a no-brainer, sometimes we forget, or don’t make a conscious effort to make sure we’re doing them. And sometimes we just need […]

When going through infertility treatments, couples must find a way to help manage their emotions. It’s not an easy time and anyone that has been through the process knows that’s an understatement. Finding ways to decrease anxiety while awaiting test results, and stop the mind from wondering about all the “what ifs” is essential to […]

We all know sleep affects our bodies in multiple ways; from our memory, to our skin, even affecting our weight. But can sleep play a role in the outcome of in vitro fertilization?

Trying to conceive can make you feel as if nothing is in your control. While that is true for many aspects of fertility, we know it’s not the best feeling. The good news is that technology may now be able to help women feel more in control of their fertility. Simply knowing what’s going on […]

For mothers with multiples things can get a little crazy to say the least. Many mothers and expectant mothers find it helpful to have a support group they can go to when they need advice, or simply have someone to talk to who really understands their situation. There are Moms of Multiple groups all across […]

When you’re trying to conceive, the two weeks between ovulation and your expected period can be filled with constant “what-ifs” and “maybe-this-times.” And those thoughts can threaten to take over your mind during those 14 days. So how do you get through the “two-week wait” with your mind intact? Don’t over-analyze possible “pregnancy symptoms.” Many of the […]

Dealing with infertility is difficult in so many ways. There’s the worry of wondering if you’ll ever get pregnant, the financial concerns that can seem insurmountable at times and the toll that infertility can take on your marriage. But experts agree that stress is an added complication for infertility. So how do you minimize it? […]

Never tried yoga before as a source of stress relief?  You might want to check around in your area to see if you can sit in on a “gentle” beginner’s yoga class to see if it might work for you.  While there is no definitive scientific evidence that practicing yoga increases pregnancy rates, yoga enthusiasts […]