The Holiday Season can pose a challenge for patients who are struggling with their emotions regarding infertility. Greeting cards, holiday commercials and television shows are constant reminders of family and children. It usually means increased time spent with family and friends. The image portrayed in the media is of perfect families gathered to celebrate the Season. These gatherings can be especially painful if family members are unaware of a couple’s infertility or if they know the couple is seeking treatment and they make unsupportive comments.



Here are several suggestions which may provide couples with a sense of control in managing the holidays more successfully:


  1. Renew your commitment to your partner. Discovering new ways to value each other or remembering previous ways of reaching out to your partner can strengthen that bond.
  2. Give yourself permission to be selective in choosing the parties and events you attend. Select those you will enjoy and decline those which are too uncomfortable. If a gathering of your childhood friends leaves you feeling left out because they are absorbed in discussions of labor and experience of little league games, you may choose to skip the annual party.
  3. Be assertive with family and friends. If comments about your reproductive plans or their suggestions on how to resolve this dilemma leaves you searching for the tissue box, you can kindly, yet firmly, make it clear that they are hurting you. A perfect gift may be a book on infertility which might educate them on your situation.
  4. Reconnect with your dreams. This may renew your hope and positive outlook. We often lose sight of any other goals as we focus on the quest to become parents. The holidays may be a perfect time to plan that activity or vacation you both could enjoy.
  5. Volunteer to deliver a meal to a needy family or elderly neighbor. Taking time to share of ourselves with someone in need can be very rewarding.

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