Beth Hide, ART Fertility of AlabamaWe are thrilled to spotlight Beth Hide! Beth has been with ART since it opened its doors in 1986, as a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner. Her practice has always been in women’s healthcare and currently includes IVF and Infertility care and Gynecologic healthcare maintenance. She is also certified as a Nurse Practitioner in Reproductive Endocrinology nursing and is a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer and certified grief counselor. Beth works in both the Birmingham and Tuscaloosa offices.

Throughout the years, it has become apparent to Beth that this job is what she was meant to do. “I truly believe this is my service gift that God gave me. He equipped me with the communication skills and ability to support and nurture patients throughout this difficult process.”

The clinical practice of providing care to patients is her favorite aspect of her job. “I love doing the clinical procedures, ultrasounds and inseminations.”

Outside of work Beth is very involved in her church as well as her book club, which she began seven years ago when her children graduated from high school. She has two sons, one who lives in Birmingham and one who lives in Orlando, whom she visits often. Beth is also a great cook! She loves trying new recipes and cooking big meals for her family.

Beth’s encouragement never ceases, as she often tells her patients “There are never any nevers, and anything can and will happen.”

Thank you, Beth, for all that you do at ART!

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  1. Valerie Clements says:

    I am a former patient of ART, and Beth was a saving grace through out my time there! My husband and I love Beth!

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