Joyce resizeJoyce Hubbard, Medical Assistant, has been with ART for almost 5 years! You’ll see Joyce helping keep things at the Birmingham clinic running smoothly. She prepares patient exam rooms and then helps bring patients from the waiting room to where they’ll see their doctor or nurse practitioner.

Over the last five years Joyce says her favorite part about her job has always been a successful embryo transfer; “I love when they come back to see us and they find out they’re pregnant. Seeing that joy and being a part of making that happen is what it’s all about.”

Prior to ART, Joyce says that she had a lot of different jobs, but that she knew she wanted something more. After suffering the loss of a child, she decided to go back to school and eventually made her way to ART. She believes that this is something that she’s supposed to do, and enjoys being able to help women whom she can empathize with.

“Infertility can be really upsetting and confusing, but I want couples to know that we will be there to help them make sense of it all. It can be a scary journey, but the only part that they have to do on their own is making that initial call to us. From then on, we are there for them,” Joyce says.

When Joyce isn’t at ART, she loves spending time with her husband and their children. She can often be found at the softball field with her children and their friends or cheering on the University of Alabama Crimson Tide football team.

Joyce also shared that something she loves about ART is that every employee here has a different job and their own responsibilities, but at the end of the day, they all share one goal: helping patients achieve pregnancy and going on to deliver happy and healthy babies.

We’re so lucky to have Joyce on our team!

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