womankickingjunkfoodWhen you’re trying to have a baby, there are many different ways to boost your fertility. And even though you’ve probably tried these things in the past, it never hurts to have a reminder now and then about bad habits that affect fertility!

1. Don’t stay up too late. Lack of sleep can make periods irregular, causing infertility. Trying to hit the hay a little earlier could increase your chances of conceiving.

2. Cut back on caffeine. More than 300 mgs of caffeine per day (or, several cups of coffee) may decrease your fertility and increase your risk of miscarriage.

3. Exercise the right amount. Over- or under-exercising can have detrimental effects on your fertility. Talk to your doctor about devising an exercise plan that works for you while you’re trying to conceive.

4. Watch the junk food. Bingeing on junk food can affect your ability to have a baby because of the link between insulin levels and fertility – spikes in insulin levels aren’t good for those trying to get pregnant.

For the rest of the list, visit this About.com article.

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