Allison Tucker - newAllison is an RN that recently joined the ART team! At a previous position working in a local hospital’s birthing suites, Allison worked with some patients that had gone through infertility treatments. Working with these patients made her curious about the treatments that they’d gone through before coming to her. That’s how she found out about ART and we’re so glad that she did!

Allison grew up in Irondale and received her BSN from UAB in 2014. She’s loving her position at ART thus far and reports that she enjoys working in the procedure room with patients during their egg retrievals and transfers. Allison did admit that it can be challenging to learn everything there is to know about the field of infertility nursing, but she’s thankful for fellow staff members that are helping her along the way.

Allison, a recent newlywed, uses her spare time to work on Pinterest projects and attend football games at her husband’s alma mater, Mississippi State University. Allison wanted to share the following advice to ART patients:

“Having patience is a huge part of going through infertility treatment. I’m new to ART, but I can already tell that for patients, it’s an extremely frustrating and emotional time. Lots of prayer and welcoming the support of loved ones are definitely important!”

We know Allison will do great things for the ART team!

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