Shared Risk Refund Plan - Alabama's Fertility Specialist in Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery and Tuscaloosa.When you are ready for your baby and it comes to making choices about spending your financial resources for your fertility treatment, it is important to look at your options. Our hope is to make it easier for couples who can be helped with IVF or an Egg Recipient cycle to receive that care. We designed the Shared Risk Refund Plan (SRRP) which guarantees that should a qualified couple not achieve a live birth, the refundable portion of the program fee will be returned so that alternatives can be pursued. In other words, we will share the risk with you and do everything we can for you to achieve a live birth.

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) has stated a favorable opinion toward SRPs provided that full disclosure is given to the patients and conservative guidelines for embryo replacement are observed. Our plan does not guarantee success, but allows many couples to achieve a live birth through IVF or Egg Recipient for a cost similar to or less than adoption. Due to the return of the refundable portion of the plan fee, the options such as adoption remain possible for those who do not achieve a pregnancy. The Plan does not guarantee a successful outcome, but is a unique plan that limits the financial risk if a live birth is not achieved.

Please see the below handouts for our 2 Cycle and 3 Cycle IVF Shared Risk plans:

2 Cycle Shared Risk IVF Brochure

3 Cycle Shared Risk IVF Brochure

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