Single Embryo Transfer - Alabama's Fertility Specialist in Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery and Tuscaloosa.The single blastocyst transfer is recommended for patients having the most favorable prognosis including those who:

  • are under the age of 35 or are receiving eggs donated from a woman under the age of 35
  • are undergoing their first cycle of IVF or previously delivered with their first cycle of IVF
  • have at least three good quality embryos as judged by morphologic criteria, and
  • have excess of embryos of sufficient quality to warrant cryopreservation.

Currently, the pregnancy rate for single blastocyst transfer is approximately 60% per transfer. The advantage of a single blastocyst transfer is a decrease in the risk of twins. Transferring only one blastocyst, does not however, guarantee a singleton pregnancy as there is a risk (3-5%) of embryo twinning. Likewise, transferring two blastocysts does not limit you to a twin gestation, meaning there is a risk (5-8%) of embryo twinning which could lead to a triplet, or in rare cases, a quadruplet pregnancy. Please talk with your physician if you are interested in a single blastocyst transfer. Should you meet the criteria for a single blastocyst transfer, you will be given additional information to review on the morning of your transfer. The physician will be available for any questions you may have at the time of transfer.

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