The following post is a success story that  Lindsay and Cody Austin have graciously decided to share with us. 

Our journey to become parents began in 2012. We just told ourselves “We just won’t try to prevent it and if it happens, it happens”. We never dreamed the crazy plan God had for us.  We tried for two years unsuccessfully before admitting to each other there may be something wrong. We both were in denial that there could be a chance we couldn’t have a baby. We had always been so blessed to have gotten everything we had ever wanted and we thought having a baby would be no different.

After several doctor’s appointments and being told to “just keep trying,” we were both at our breaking points. I will never forget Cody and I were driving down the road and out of nowhere he looked at me and said, “Let’s get out of town and see a doctor that can get us a baby!” This is how we came to ART.  Some of our friends were patients at ART and had twins conceived by IVF. They recommended we see Dr. Houserman. Our first appointment was in August 2015. I honestly thought we would go in and she would tell us “There is nothing wrong. You just need to be patient and keep trying.” I could not have been more wrong. In just one visit, Dr. Houserman found our problem right away and gave us a plan of action to get pregnant. While I was glad to finally have answers, I was completely heartbroken as well. I just kept asking myself “Why do we have to do this?” “Why can’t this be easy?” I prayed and prayed for God to fulfill our dream of having a baby but also for peace if this was not His will (Which is a very hard prayer to pray).

In January 2016, we had our first IUI. Cody gave me every injection and I felt so confident that this was our time. Unfortunately, two weeks after the procedure I got the dreaded phone call “Lindsay, I’m so sorry to tell you that your pregnancy test was negative.” I had never felt so heartbroken. I felt like we had done all this work for nothing. When we got home from work that night, Cody held me while I cried for hours. I just felt so defeated.

Two months later, we had another failed IUI that hurt just as bad as the first one. Thankfully I have a husband that never let me give up. He would always say, “You can cry tonight but tomorrow we have to start over.” After our second IUI, Dr. Houserman recommended IVF. We took a couple of months to decide (and prepare our finances) and we started our first IVF cycle in October 2016.  At the time, I was very scared but the doctors and nurses at ART made it so easy. From the injections to the egg retrieval, the process was so smooth. On October 31st, we transferred the two most beautiful embryos and nine days later we got the phone call we had been waiting so long for, telling us: “You are pregnant!”

Nine months later, our perfect baby girl, Layla Kate Austin was born the day before the 4th of July. She is everything we prayed for and more. As soon as I saw her face, it all made sense and I truly felt how perfect God’s timing really is. I wouldn’t have changed our journey at all; infertility made us stronger and made me a strong momma.

We can never thank ART enough. They changed our lives and we thank God every day for their help in our journey.

“The pain that you have been feeling cannot compare to the joy that is coming.” Romans 8:18


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