donor sperm 1An interview with Susan Collins

Q: What is donor sperm?

A: Donor Sperm is sperm that has been donated by fertile men for patients who cannot have a pregnancy with their own sperm.  There are Cryobanks set up across the United States for men to donate sperm, just as people donate blood.

Q: When is donor sperm used?

A: Donor sperm is used for patients who have male factor infertility. It can also be used for women who desire to have a child but do not have a husband or significant person in their life; they just choose to be a mother.  Same sex females often want to have children if they are in a committed relationship and choose to use donor sperm.

Q: How does the cost of using donor sperm compare with IVF?

A: Donor sperm adds an additional monthly cost over using your partner’s sperm. This can range by the bank. The fee covers purchase and shipping to the ART Program. If sperm is stored more than one year this is a standard fee. Donor insemination is usually less expensive than IVF, depending on the fertility factors for the female.

Q: What is a donor sperm bank and where can they be found?

A: A Cryobank is a donor sperm bank, and there are a number of banks located all across the United States.  When choosing a Cryobank, it is very important that couples choose a registered Cryobank.  It is also important for the Cryobank to have licensure from the FDA as well as the American Tissue Bank.  Having these licensures indicate that the banks follow the appropriate guidelines when testing their donors for communicable diseases, genetic carrier diseases, etc.  It is always important when choosing a Cryobank to make sure it is a reputable company.

Q: What is the success rate from use of donor sperm?

A: Donor sperm success rates are similar to the success rates of women with fertile male partners.  If you have a female with no ovulatory dysfunction at all and she only needs sperm to achieve a pregnancy, her rate for pregnancy may be anywhere from 15-20% per cycle, depending on her age.  This percentage is average for any one given month for a regular ovulatory female and normal male partner. If the woman has fertility factors this will decrease the rate. Some women may need donor sperm in their IVF cycle.

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