Lindsey.CrossART is growing and that means we’ve got a few new team members on board! We’re so excited to introduce our new team member, Lindsey Rinehart. We hope that you all will welcome her to the ART family!

Lindsey joins that ART team as an Andrologist, which means she will work with male reproductive and health issues. She is a Medical Technologist that received her degree from UAB, and she loves to learn. One of the most challenging but also rewarding parts of the job according to Lindsey is that “every patient is different.” Lindsey says the constant change keeps her on her toes and allows her to learn more every day!

She’s from a small town in Alabama, but has been in Birmingham for about 4 years.  She and her husband recently purchased their first home here in Birmingham, and they love the city and the people! When Lindsey isn’t at ART, she admits that she’s probably spending time working on the new house. In her free time, Lindsey also likes to go hiking at Ruffner Mountain and Moss Rock Preserve.

Lindsey also wants patients to know that struggling with infertility doesn’t mean it’s over.

“My family has been affected by infertility and I know what a trying experience it can be.  But with the amazing treatments available today, I now have an amazing and perfect niece and nephew!  I hope all the patients at ART have such an extraordinary outcome!”

We’re so excited to welcome Lindsey to the team!

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