INFERTILITY OVERVIEW - Alabama's Fertility Specialist in Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery and Tuscaloosa.Most assume infertility will never be a problem for them and most are right. But for one out of eight couples in the United States, infertility has changed their lives. Infertility is a frustrating and often frightening experience. Couples/individuals seek infertility evaluation and care following the painful realization that there is a problem becoming pregnant or maintaining a pregnancy to delivery. Although infertility evaluation and treatment is a complex experience, our goal is to provide you an understanding of your personal medical issues and options for treatment so that you can make wise choices in pursuing your care.

Infertility has been defined as a disease of the reproductive system that affects the male or female almost equally. Approximately 40% of couples with infertility have a female factor such as a problem with ovulation (15-20%), tubal disease (15%), endometriosis (10%), or cervical mucus. Another 30% of couples will have male factor infertility associated with low or absent sperm count or motility, sperm antibodies, or impaired sperm function. More detailed information is available in Infertility Causes & Treatment Options. The third group (20%) has a combination of male and female factors. The woman’s age is an important factor and affects the chance of success of any therapy except egg or embryo donation.

In our Program, the first step is an evaluation of the cause or causes of infertility. You may have completed a comprehensive initial evaluation for infertility with your gynecologist prior to referral to our Program. You may have completed corrective procedures or therapy without obtaining a pregnancy. It is imperative that we have all previous records relevant to infertility at your first visit. An assessment of your previous medical history evaluation and therapy will guide us toward providing the particular form of assistance that is indicated for you. We will review your information with you at your initial appointment and establish a plan for your evaluation and treatment.

We recognize that the evaluation and treatment of infertility requires your time, resources and energy. Our physicians, nurses, technicians and many others will become your team to provide the best care for you. Our patients and their families are our top priority. We practice personal, individualized care with compassion, respect and concern for privacy. We educate and inform so that you have a complete understanding of the treatments and procedures you may choose to undergo.

You and your partner probably will have many questions about what will happen to you while on your infertility journey. We have found that those who are informed about treatments and progress are more satisfied with the overall experience. In order to help you understand the treatment you will be receiving, as well as our Program, we are providing information on this website. If you have additional questions, our staff will be available to answer them for you.

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