Financial - Alabama's Fertility Specialist in Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery and Tuscaloosa.We realize that each situation is different, but for many couples or individuals the cost of infertility treatment can be an added source of stress to the infertility process. Our goal at the ART Fertility Program of Alabama is to provide affordable, compassionate and quality care. We do our best to help keep you informed about your insurance coverage and to provide you with additional resources to manage the financial aspects of your care.

Insurance benefits will vary with each couple or individual and insurance carrier. Prior to your initial appointment, our office will contact your insurance carrier and verify your specific benefits and you will then be notified of your benefit coverage. Additionally, during your initial visit, a financial counselor will meet with you to discuss your covered benefits and how they can help you obtain the maximum benefits from your coverage, the various financial plans available based on your treatment plan and any out-of-pocket expenses you may incur. You may apply for patient medical financing through our Stairway Lending. Please use the website below to see if you apply:

Stairway Lending

The ART Fertility Program offers several financial options for patients in our Program. If you have any questions about the financial information listed here, you may contact one of our Financial Counselors at 205-870-9784 or 1-800-476-9784. You may also refer to our Cost and Insurance Guide or our Patient Services and Billing Guide (located in the New Patient Forms section) for additional financial information.

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