fertility and weight

Even with the abundance of scientific evidence, many are still surprised that obesity can affect a woman’s chances of getting pregnant and having a healthy baby. But the truth is that obese women typically take longer to conceive than women with a healthy BMI. Here are the top 2 ways fertility can be affected by […]

woman covering mouth

Receiving the news that you’re pregnant means that you’re no longer affected by infertility. You’re full of nothing but happiness, excitement and well-being, right? Not always. Many who’ve suffered with infertility feel a wide range of emotions that they may not have expected.  These can include feelings of disbelief, anxiety and even fear after achieving […]

young woman taking the pill, focus on pill

As soon as you and your partner begin thinking about having a baby, you should also begin to seriously think about your own health. We now have an abundance of evidence that shows how healthy nutrition plays a major role in the fertility of both men and women. When it comes to your fertility as […]

peaceful young couple fishing by the pond in autumn

For couples struggling with infertility, currently or in the past, holidays like Father’s Day can be hard. Hopeful fathers may find Father’s Day to be emotional, and aside from visiting their own father, they may not feel much like celebrating. But even though it can be emotional, it can also be a day of renewed […]

Christmas Message

We all have our most cherished memories from the holidays; a favorite family tradition or our favorite activity to do with the family every time the holidays roll around. To get everyone in the holiday spirit we asked our Nurse Practitioners from our offices across Alabama to share some of their favorite things about the […]

Lucy and Dr. Long

By Cecil Long, MD of ART Fertility Program of Alabama Like many of my patients, I know about all the highs and lows of going through infertility treatments. After going through such a process, you learn to expect the unexpected and realize that many things in life are beyond your control. I learned this a […]