Fertility issues affect approximately 1 in 8 couples. If you are struggling with infertility, you are not alone. Dealing with this disease can affect every aspect of your life. Many struggle with feelings of shame, loss, anger, jealousy, and anxiety, while also dealing with financial and relationship stress. All of this can be extremely […]

All of us at ART Fertility of Alabama can’t get enough of seeing your beautiful babies that you post to our Facebook page year-round. Seeing their very first picture after they’re born and then on their birthdays year after year makes us love our job even more each day.

(Brad & Celeste’s Success Story) Our journey to finally bringing home our precious baby girl was not an easy one.  It was a 6+ year roller-coaster that ultimately uncovered strength, faith, and courage that Brad and I didn’t even know we had.  It included 4 surgeries, 2 pregnancy losses, countless procedures and trips to the […]

We are excited to announce that three new hires have recently joined our team!  Let us introduce them to you:

No two couples are the same. Different couples require different fertility treatments in order to conceive. For some, in vitro fertilization is the best option, but others may require a more advanced procedure like Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI).

According to the Center for Human Reproduction, the term autoimmune disease refers to a varied group of more than 80 serious, chronic illnesses that involve almost every human organ system. In all of these diseases, the body’s immune system becomes misdirected, and attacks the very organs it was designed to protect. About 75% of autoimmune […]

At ART Fertility, we understand that infertility treatment is a stressful time. That’s why we’ve tried to make it easy on our patients with four Alabama locations. In addition to our main Birmingham office, we have clinics in Huntsville, Montgomery and Tuscaloosa to serve you. We provide services to new patients during times that our […]

We all know sleep affects our bodies in multiple ways; from our memory, to our skin, even affecting our weight. But can sleep play a role in the outcome of in vitro fertilization?

By Dr. Kathryn Honea, M.D. at ART Fertility of Alabama I love my job. I love trying to help people have babies who have not been able to, developing relationships with my patients and going on this journey with them. To me, it’s the most rewarding part of the experience. It’s important to me to […]

While there are various causes of infertility, a new study and the first of its kind, had some interesting findings. The European Journal of Personality recently published a study suggesting personality may have an affect on fertility. The study was done by researchers from the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis. Researchers gathered data from […]