Holidays can be stressful. But for the person experiencing infertility, holidays can be the most difficult time of the year. You certainly can’t make the pain of infertility disappear miraculously, but by planning in advance and acknowledging that the holidays may be uncomfortable, you can prepare yourself and improve your chances of having a pleasant […]

By Virginia Houserman, M.D., ART Fertility Specialist It’s no secret that a normal weight plays an important role in many aspects of health. But many patients I see at ART Fertility are surprised to learn that being overweight can have a negative impact on fertility. The closer someone is to their ideal weight, whether they’re […]

By Virginia Houserman, M.D., ART Fertility Specialist These days, just about everyone is under at least a little stress. But if you’re having trouble conceiving, that stress is compounded. Stress plays an incredible role in infertility. Studies show – and I’ve seen personally – that the stress level in infertility patients is akin to that […]

Fertility Facts worth knowing

When you’re trying to conceive, every little piece of information regarding fertility is important. But old wives’ tales aside, there are many facts about fertility that are valid – and may just make the difference between one pink line and two. This article from The Bump, “10 Surprising Fertility Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know” […]

When you’re trying to conceive, the two weeks between ovulation and your expected period can be filled with constant “what-ifs” and “maybe-this-times.” And those thoughts can threaten to take over your mind during those 14 days. So how do you get through the “two-week wait” with your mind intact? Don’t over-analyze possible “pregnancy symptoms.” Many of the […]

You’re preparing for your first visit to our offices. You’re likely thinking a thousand different things, and have a thousand different questions. To help you make the most of your time with our staff, we’ve put together an overview of what to expect on our webpage. We’ve also put together some questions you might want […]

Fertility treatments can prove to be quite an emotional rollercoaster for many couples. You may be confronting problems on numerous fronts – physical, emotional, relational, familial, financial – and trying to juggle all those can be overwhelming. So how do you keep yourself pushing through all these areas to realize your dreams of having a […]

As fertility specialists, we’ve heard it all. But we understand that there are some questions that are a little touchier than others. And it may be strange or awkward to discuss these things during your appointments with us. We completely understand, which is why we’re glad the folks over at BabyZone tackled some of their […]

While the female factors around infertility certainly get the most attention, male fertility is just as likely to be the reason a couple is having trouble conceiving. We’ve broken down some of the most popular assumptions around male fertility, and hopefully will help you start the conversation with your doctor about which factors may be […]

You’ve probably experienced it – when you’re trying to conceive, or waiting to see if you are pregnant, it seems like you’re suddenly surrounded by baby bumps and newborns. All you want is to be “part of the club,” but it hasn’t happened yet. So how do you keep yourself positive in the process? Feel […]