People can get their Vitamin D from many places such as fish and dairy products, but did you know that 80%-90% of the Vitamin D we get is through exposure to sunlight? Hence it’s nickname, the sunshine vitamin. Due to more people consistently using sunscreen to reduce skin cancer risk, covering up while outside, and […]

cholesterol and fertility

Findings from a recent study point to yes, high cholesterol can very well lead to lower fertility. We talk a lot on our blog about the importance of being healthy while trying to conceive, and how being overweight can negatively affect your chances of having a baby. Now another study has come out that stresses […]

Bacon and Male Fertility

A new study has come out and we suggest breaking the news gently to the man in your life. The Harvard School of Public Health found that bacon may have a negative affect on male fertility. The study was made up of 156 males who were asked to fill out a survey on their eating […]