By Beth Hide of ART Fertility of Alabama Now that you have all the forms completed and have visited with a physician, the time has come for you to make the decision on treatment. Before you make any decision, the doctor will review the risks and benefits of each, as well as supply you with […]

By Beth Hide, Nurse Practitioner at ART Fertility Are you coming in for your first visit with us soon? Or maybe you’ve been holding off because you just don’t know what to expect. Either way, we all like to be prepared and know what’s going to happen at such an important appointment. We don’t want […]

You’re preparing for your first visit to our offices. You’re likely thinking a thousand different things, and have a thousand different questions. To help you make the most of your time with our staff, we’ve put together an overview of what to expect on our webpage. We’ve also put together some questions you might want […]