Fertility issues affect approximately 1 in 8 couples. If you are struggling with infertility, you are not alone. Dealing with this disease can affect every aspect of your life. Many struggle with feelings of shame, loss, anger, jealousy, and anxiety, while also dealing with financial and relationship stress. All of this can be extremely […]

While most women are aware of the immediate need to quit smoking and/or drinking alcohol upon becoming pregnant, not all are conscious of the fact that smoking and drinking may be harming their fertility prior to pregnancy. Believe it or not, the same can be true for males as well.

affects of alcohol on male fertility

There’s no doubt that alcohol can affect both men and women in a number ways, and we all know that chronic, heavy drinking can cause major health problems such as liver disease or pancreatitis. But an abundance of studies have shown the many negative effects that alcohol can have on male fertility. Many couples may […]

Bacon and Male Fertility

A new study has come out and we suggest breaking the news gently to the man in your life. The Harvard School of Public Health found that bacon may have a negative affect on male fertility. The study was made up of 156 males who were asked to fill out a survey on their eating […]

A man’s diet and lifestyle can have a significant impact on his fertility. Even something as common as drinking caffeine can impair sperm. When a couple is trying to conceive it’s important for the man to keep a close watch on everything he’s putting into his body. Below are eight precautions he can take to […]

Over the years, there have been many studies on how to naturally increase male fertility. Because of these studies, we now have good scientific evidence suggesting male fertility may be increased by the use of certain nutritional supplements. Below are some of the most well-studied vitamins and nutrients that have been shown to have a […]

Researchers at a Welsh university announced last week an exciting discovery that could help thousands of couples struggling with male infertility. Scientists from the Cardiff University School of Medicine have discovered that adding a missing protein to infertile sperm can energize its ability to fertilize an egg, dramatically increasing the chances of a successful pregnancy. […]

While the female factors around infertility certainly get the most attention, male fertility is just as likely to be the reason a couple is having trouble conceiving. We’ve broken down some of the most popular assumptions around male fertility, and hopefully will help you start the conversation with your doctor about which factors may be […]

We’re guessing pretty much every man in the state watched the Iron Bowl over the weekend. But did you also drink alcohol while watching? As fall brings about football season each year, we get a lot of questions about this and see men put their fertility on hold so they can drink beer and watch […]