Sperm is made up of a tightly wrapped packet of DNA with a tail attached. The sperm has one goal and that’s to get to the egg and fertilize it in order to make a baby. Two characteristics are needed for this to happen: the sperm must be able to swim and it must have […]

An estimated one in five couples in the United States will experience infertility. That means more than 6 million couples are currently experiencing difficulty conceiving. Though much discussion revolves around female infertility, in reality the issue is due to female factors 40% of the time, male factors 40% of the time, and the last 20% […]

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, men are either fully or partially responsible for infertility in 40% of couples who are unable to conceive. But a hard truth is that some men are infertile with no apparent reason as to why; routine semen analysis is within normal values and female infertility factors have […]