Scientists at the Imperial College London believe they may have found a safer and more effective way of stimulating ovulation in women who are undergoing in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Typically doctors use a hormone called hCG to help make women’s eggs mature. But just recently, scientists have found that another hormone, Kisspeptin, may be a more […] recently came out with an article, The Truth About Fertility and Aging, that discussed the findings of a recent study.  What the study found was actually something that we’ve always stressed at ART, and that’s having a healthy diet.

It’s well known that chronic stress can cause dysfunction in the female reproductive system that can lead to miscarriages, but little is known as to whether stress can harm fertility prior to pregnancy. Scientists at the University of California Berkeley recently conducted a study to find out, and their recently-released findings may be the first […]

Throughout our lives, we’ve all been taught the importance of wearing sunscreen and the health risks involved, such as skin cancer, if we don’t wear it. But while it’s important to protect your skin from damage from the sun, a new study has come out that shows it might be doing more than protecting us.