Dr. Houserman

When I was 6-years-old my family and I lived on a farm. I had a friend over one day, and we were playing doctor using an old rusty wagon as the bed. The wagon had an old broken piece of glass from a tang jar in it that I accidentally cut my hand on.  My […]

By Virginia Houserman, M.D., ART Fertility Specialist It’s no secret that a normal weight plays an important role in many aspects of health. But many patients I see at ART Fertility are surprised to learn that being overweight can have a negative impact on fertility. The closer someone is to their ideal weight, whether they’re […]

By Virginia Houserman, M.D., ART Fertility Specialist These days, just about everyone is under at least a little stress. But if you’re having trouble conceiving, that stress is compounded. Stress plays an incredible role in infertility. Studies show – and I’ve seen personally – that the stress level in infertility patients is akin to that […]

Houserman with Family

Editor’s Note: Dr. Virginia Houserman is a fertility specialist at ART Fertility. She brings a unique perspective to her work and patients by having first-hand knowledge of the difficulties facing couples with infertility. I got married in August of 1987. I was 33 at the time, and thought that left plenty of time for me […]

Egg donation 2

This is a continuation of a conversation with Dr. Virginia Houserman about egg donation. Read Part 1.  What is typically the biggest concern for the egg recipient couple? Most couples are very concerned about the genetic medical history of the donor. They want to know that their potential child won’t have a family history of […]

Egg donation can be the answer to fertility issues for many couples, but it often brings up many questions. In a two-part series, Dr. Virginia Houserman, ART Fertility Specialist, answers some common questions that couples interested in egg donation have. How does egg donation work? When a woman is unable to conceive a child using […]