When I was 6-years-old my family and I lived on a farm. I had a friend over one day, and we were playing doctor using an old rusty wagon as the bed. The wagon had an old broken piece of glass from a tang jar in it that I accidentally cut my hand on.  My […]

This is a continuation of a conversation with Dr. Virginia Houserman about egg donation. Read Part 1.  What is typically the biggest concern for the egg recipient couple? Most couples are very concerned about the genetic medical history of the donor. They want to know that their potential child won’t have a family history of […]

Nicole Kidman was 41 when she had her little girl 3 years ago.  Nancy Grace was 48 when she had her twins.  And Halle Berry was 41 when she gave birth to baby Nahla.  It is true that all of these celebrity births where the mothers are over 40 give the rest of us a […]